Pinkvilla"s GLOW UP Challenge: The Skincare Week: Manage oily skin with a DIY Multani Mitti face mask on Day 4

Fashion Source: pinkvilla One of the best ways to instantly brighten up and boost the glow on your skin is with the help of Multani mitti or fuller's earth. This face pack is best suited for those with oily or combination skin types as it help.....»»

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The perfect DIY overnight face mask that will rejuvenate and make your skin glow the morning after

Fashion Source: getty images It’s the weekend which means it’s time to pamper yourself and we always love to start with skincare. Using a cool and soothing mask is a way to rejuvenate tired skin and to be honest, it’s what everyone needs a.....»»

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How to layer your acne prone skin correctly with these 6 Products

Fashion Source:,   If you have oily and acne prone skin, I am sure you must be afraid to apply any product on your face. However, the trick to acing the skincare game is learning how to layer correctly. Once you layer your.....»»

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Get festive ready with THESE 6 skincare essentials from Amazon under Rs 600

Fashion Source: Dussehra is just a week away and Diwali will be here almost in a month. Yes, girls, we don’t have much time to give our skin that golden glow required to slay this festive season. Here are 6 skincare essentials that y.....»»

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Here’s EVERYTHING you should know about skin purging

Fashion Source: getty images What is Skin Purging? We always need a face mask, some serum, or dying for a drop of vitamin C for our skincare routine. When we try a new skincare product and your skin flares up with pimples, it can be hard to know.....»»

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2 Multani Mitti face mask recipes to pamper your skin over the weekend

Fashion Source: getty images Multani mitti aka fuller’s earth is one of the best natural ingredients that you can use for your skin. It not only helps in keeping your skin glowing and radiant but also works extremely well in sucking out the ex.....»»

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Pinkvilla"s GLOW UP Challenge: The Skincare week: Multani mitti to aloe vera: Radiance boosting home remedies

Fashion Source: pinkvilla With the early onset of monsoon, the change in weather doesn't bring dullness and gloominess to our surroundings but also our skin. Since we're holed up at home and can't aren't really sure about salons, Pinkvilla's fa.....»»

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4 Masks that work hard to treat skin woes while you sit back and relax

Fashion Source: PEXELS Masking up once a week and ticking it off from your checklist isn’t enough if you haven’t picked the right face mask for your skin type. Get yourself schooled about the ingredients that make the cut for your skin type......»»

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Skincare: Wash off your mid week blues with DIY hydrating face mists that will bring back the lost glow

Fashion Source: getty images Summers mean scorching heat and dull, dry skin. Adding to it is the uneven tan and dehydrated skin that ends up bringing the mood down. While staying hydrated with fresh summer juices and lemonade is a good idea for.....»»

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5 Sheet masks that should be on your radar to prep your face this festive season

Fashion Source: Sheet masks have become a hit ever since the Korean skincare regime became a global trend. They require no effort and can easily do the job without causing any fuss. All you need to do is gently apply the mask to your c.....»»

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Facial hair removal made easy: Steal facial razors with great prices only at Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021

Fashion Source: Pexels, Amazon The inadequate weather conditions and humidity snatches away your facial glow and hampers your healthy skin. The natural elements trod your face in dirt but facial razors help to retain your glowing skin back. The.....»»

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What is J Beauty? A well versed simple Japanese skincare routine in 5 easy steps

Fashion Source:, Getty images J-beauty endorses a minimalistic skincare approach and encourages to not burden your face with layers of products. Some of the fundamentals include prioristing healthy skin over flawless skin. Japanese pr.....»»

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Skincare: 5 natural products that you can use instead of face toners

Fashion Source: Instagram, Pinkvilla For those who are really into skincare and makeup, toners are a necessary product in their routines. Face toner might not seem an important product but it is the secret weapon for your skin. It is a water-bas.....»»

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Aloe Vera to Multani Mitti: 3 Easy yet effective DIY face packs to refresh your dull and dry skin

Fashion Source: getty images Whether you’ve had a difficult week at work or you’re just back from a long day of travelling, your skin is the first thing that will show the sign of tiredness. Right from dark circles to getting stress pimples.....»»

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Add a toner to your skincare regime if you haven’t already: 5 Toners for every skin type

Fashion Source:, Getty images If you follow or want to follow a well-versed skincare routine, then you must know that a toner is just the next step after you cleanse your face. You must apply a toner even before you apply a serum and.....»»

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Bid adieu to oily skin this monsoon with these 5 Best charcoal face washes

Fashion Source:, Getty images The monsoon season can be extremely dreadful on people who suffer from oily and acne-prone skin. Hence, activated charcoal is a great ingredient to rely on in order to shield your skin from pollution, dus.....»»

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5 Cleansers under USD 20 to save your face from all skincare issues

Fashion Source: Nordstrom Cleansers as the name suggests are facial cleaning agents that remove dirt, makeup residues, sweat and refreshes your face. The active ingredients present in them prevents break out and also nourishes your skin. Dependi.....»»

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6 Skincare products you need to win an acne free glowing face & body

Fashion Source: Spotless clear skin is a dream for many. But our lifestyle, food intake and oily skin fuels acne break out which leaves behind marks and scars on your face and body. If you are freaked out seeing your own face, let me.....»»

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Easy 4 step skincare routine and essential products under 500 for people with oily skin

Fashion Source: Amazon, Pexels The fact of the matter is that everybody has oil in their skin. Underneath every pore in your skin is a sebaceous gland that produces natural oils called sebum. It is both unrealistic and harmful to want to get rid.....»»

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Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Skincare products that are affordable and work wonders for all skin types

Fashion Source: Having a skincare routine is necessary and to make it effective what products you apply on face matters. Depending on your skin type each face requires a different solution but here we have curated 8 skincare products t.....»»

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DIY tomato face masks to give your skin a rush of glow and firm up ageing skin

Fashion Source: PEXELS Not all reds symbolise danger and here’s solid proof that’s lived in your kitchen and made it to your daily plates successfully. If gardening is where your interest lies, the best possible way to organically grow tomat.....»»

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