Pinkvilla"s GLOW UP Challenge: The Skincare Week: Manage oily skin with a DIY Multani Mitti face mask on Day 4

Fashion Source: pinkvilla One of the best ways to instantly brighten up and boost the glow on your skin is with the help of Multani mitti or fuller's earth. This face pack is best suited for those with oily or combination skin types as it help.....»»

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Aloe Vera to Multani Mitti: 3 Easy yet effective DIY face packs to refresh your dull and dry skin

Fashion Source: getty images Whether you’ve had a difficult week at work or you’re just back from a long day of travelling, your skin is the first thing that will show the sign of tiredness. Right from dark circles to getting stress pimples.....»»

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Add a toner to your skincare regime if you haven’t already: 5 Toners for every skin type

Fashion Source:, Getty images If you follow or want to follow a well-versed skincare routine, then you must know that a toner is just the next step after you cleanse your face. You must apply a toner even before you apply a serum and.....»»

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Bid adieu to oily skin this monsoon with these 5 Best charcoal face washes

Fashion Source:, Getty images The monsoon season can be extremely dreadful on people who suffer from oily and acne-prone skin. Hence, activated charcoal is a great ingredient to rely on in order to shield your skin from pollution, dus.....»»

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5 Cleansers under USD 20 to save your face from all skincare issues

Fashion Source: Nordstrom Cleansers as the name suggests are facial cleaning agents that remove dirt, makeup residues, sweat and refreshes your face. The active ingredients present in them prevents break out and also nourishes your skin. Dependi.....»»

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6 Skincare products you need to win an acne free glowing face & body

Fashion Source: Spotless clear skin is a dream for many. But our lifestyle, food intake and oily skin fuels acne break out which leaves behind marks and scars on your face and body. If you are freaked out seeing your own face, let me.....»»

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Easy 4 step skincare routine and essential products under 500 for people with oily skin

Fashion Source: Amazon, Pexels The fact of the matter is that everybody has oil in their skin. Underneath every pore in your skin is a sebaceous gland that produces natural oils called sebum. It is both unrealistic and harmful to want to get rid.....»»

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Amazon Deal of the Day: 8 Skincare products that are affordable and work wonders for all skin types

Fashion Source: Having a skincare routine is necessary and to make it effective what products you apply on face matters. Depending on your skin type each face requires a different solution but here we have curated 8 skincare products t.....»»

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DIY tomato face masks to give your skin a rush of glow and firm up ageing skin

Fashion Source: PEXELS Not all reds symbolise danger and here’s solid proof that’s lived in your kitchen and made it to your daily plates successfully. If gardening is where your interest lies, the best possible way to organically grow tomat.....»»

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Monsoon skincare: Common mistakes you make in the rainy season that RUIN your skin according to experts

Fashion Source: pexels Monsoons are known for their high level of humidity which in turn has the skin fluctuating between oily and dry spells. If you're wondering why your skin suddenly has rough patches, looks dull is part dry and part oily, m.....»»

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Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor to Janhvi Kapoor: Who was your BEST DRESSED Bollywood actress from the week?

Fashion Source: pinkvilla It comes as no surprise when Bollywood's hottest step out and manage to look completely put-together and flawless. Be it for promotions, running errands or completing work, their street style looks are a notch above th.....»»

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2 EASY and effective DIY skin refreshers that will hydrate and keep your skin plump and glowing

Fashion Source: getty images Face mists are one of the best skincare products you can have handy. Whether you’re chilling at home or going out in the sun, having a face mist will ensure that your skin remains hydrated and glowing all day long......»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Makeup during monsoons: Shahnaz Husain shares tips on how to make it last longer

Fashion Source: pexels The effort is always focused on reducing the oily and sweaty look, making the skin appear fresh and clean. A natural, matte (non-shiny) look is suitable for the humid season. Heavy foundations and shine on the face are a s.....»»

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Maskne : Wear your mask worry free with a handful of tips to back your skin at all times

Fashion Source: PEXELS After devoting more than a year to covering up your face with masks, the term ‘Maskne’ is nothing new but continues to protect us from the petrifying Coronavirus. Who would have imagined we would all end up being extra.....»»

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How to make beetroot face serum at home for a glowing skin

Fashion Source: Beetroot promises an unfading radiant glow to your face thanks to its powerhouse nutrients including Vitamin B 6, vitamin A and Vitamin D. End your search for the ideal product to achieve spotless skin cause this beetr.....»»

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Pinkvilla"s GLOW UP Challenge: From dry brushing to detanning mask, here’s what went down in the bodycare week

Fashion Source: getty images As much as it is important to take care of our body from the inside, it is extremely important to keep it moisturised, nourished and clean from the outside. Right from getting rid of the dead skin cells to giving it.....»»

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Get rid of your pimple OVERNIGHT with these easy yet effective skincare hacks

Fashion Source: getty images Pimples are those pesky bumps that manage to appear on your face right before an important event. If you’ve been someone who has broken down before an important event because your pimple decided to show up, you’r.....»»

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Pinkvilla’s GLOW UP Challenge: Nailcare week: From cuticle oils to nail art: 5 days of the perfect manicure

Fashion Source: pinkvilla As important as it is to keep your hair and skin looking good, it is also of utmost importance to keep your nails presentable and healthy. Fun fact: interviewers often check the candidate's personality based on how thei.....»»

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7 Step skincare routine you need to achieve the Korean glass skin glow

Fashion Source: We are sure even if you aren’t a skincare enthusiast you must have heard about Korean glass skin. The flawless smooth skin texture with almost no spots or marks, defying the normal human skin is what the Korean beaut.....»»

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3 Cinnamon DIY face masks: A healing hero that can lay acne to rest

Fashion Source: PIXABAY Cinnamon has been vaunted for its spicy flavour that serves to help you not just in times of indigestion and the common cold but also when your skin needs a glow up. Cinnamon rolls are quite the pop stars that have the po.....»»

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Pinkvilla’s GLOW UP Challenge: Nailcare Week: Complete your manicure routine with this hand mask on Day 5

Fashion Source: pinkvilla Now that we’ve been through with some of the easiest DIY and manicure techniques over the course of the last 4 days, it’s time to set it all right with a moisturising mask on day 5. Just like your nails and the skin.....»»

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