Get healthy and happy hair with these 5 Gummies crafted for your hair

Fashion Source:, Apart from your shampoo, conditioner and hair oil, your hair also needs other forms of vitamins in order to stay strong and healthy. These gummies are especially crafted for your hair. Simply taking one gumm.....»»

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3 Amazing Onion Hair Masks that will control hair fall and give you shiny locks

Fashion Source: Who doesn't want healthy and frizz-free hair? While you keep on searching for high-end products to treat hair fall, we have turned to Mother Nature. Thinning, premature balding or other hair related problems can be cau.....»»

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Facial hair removal made easy: Steal facial razors with great prices only at Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021

Fashion Source: Pexels, Amazon The inadequate weather conditions and humidity snatches away your facial glow and hampers your healthy skin. The natural elements trod your face in dirt but facial razors help to retain your glowing skin back. The.....»»

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5 hairstyles of Samantha Akkineni that fit every occasion

Gallery: celebrityCelebrity Profile: Samantha AkkineniPhoto Section : Happy hair happy me ft messy hairCurls Sleek bunPonytailStraight hairdoSchedule Post Time: Tuesday, August 17, 2021 - 21:00Mapping Top Level Navigation: En.....»»

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10 Hair Care tips for a healthy hair

Category: LifestyleZip File:  10_hair_care_tips_for_a_healthy_hair.zipStories Featured Image: .....»»

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Rice water is a miracle worker for your hair and skin: 7 Rice water products that will change your life

Fashion Source:, Getty images Rice water has many properties that make it an excellent addition to your skin and hair care regime! It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are essential for maintaining healthy, beaut.....»»

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Beauty tips by the actress for a naturally glowing skin and thick hair

Gallery: celebrityCelebrity Profile: Aishwarya RaiCelebrity: PersonalPhoto Section : Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's beauty tipsStay healthy for healthy skinNatural exfoliationBeing hydrated is importantOiling the hair does wondersL.....»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Here"s how to lay the foundation for healthy hair according to Shahnaz Husain

Fashion Source: pexels If you want your child to have healthy hair, you have to take some common factors into consideration. These are physical fitness, nutrition, exercise, sleep, as well as some amount of external hair care. The external trea.....»»

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4 Essential DIY masks for all monsoon brides to get healthy skin and hair

Lifestyle: WeddingsLifestyleTags: Monsoon BridesDIY masksAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  4 Essential DIY masks for all monsoon brides to get healthy skin and hair Enter the Lifestyle details:  Would be brides have to take care of.....»»

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Tired of dealing with your hair problems? Here we have 10 Best hair oils for every hair type

Fashion Source:, Getty images Natural hair oils are the best and most suitable for healthy hair growth. They can be applied directly on the hair as well as the skin. Even certain essential oils have numerous qualities that help nouris.....»»

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Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp: The ultimate monsoon scalp care routine

Fashion Source:, Getty images Our scalp supports all our hair follicles and the hair that emerges from them. It is also a hotbed for dirt, debris and built up due to natural oils, sweat and product residue that clogs the follicles an.....»»

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DIY Ghee masks: A moisture surge for dry skin, and hair

Fashion Source: PEXELSGETTY IMAGES The long-established ghee is a staple in the Indian kitchen for its laudable nutritional benefits but is it limited to households in Asia alone? A few International celebs are loving its healthy hype as well. K.....»»

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Yami Gautam: Homemade remedies the actor uses for her glowing skin and healthy hair

Gallery: celebrityCelebrity Profile: Yami GautamCelebrity: PersonalPhoto Section : Yami Gautam's home-made skincare remediesWonders of Castor OilBenefits of coconut waterNo conditionersExfoliation packDead skin removalSchedul.....»»

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Pinkvilla’s GLOW UP Challenge: Nailcare week: From cuticle oils to nail art: 5 days of the perfect manicure

Fashion Source: pinkvilla As important as it is to keep your hair and skin looking good, it is also of utmost importance to keep your nails presentable and healthy. Fun fact: interviewers often check the candidate's personality based on how thei.....»»

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Almond Oil is the ONE kitchen ingredient that solves both skin and hair woes without much effort

Fashion Source: pexels The "King of Nuts", almonds are filled with healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals that are all excellent for not just the internal but external system as well. The oil derived from this dry fruit helps in enhancing t.....»»

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Pinkvilla"s GLOW UP Challenge: The Haircare Week: Boost hair growth and VOLUME with Onion Juice on Day 5

Fashion Source: pinkvilla After getting a hair cut, while we do revel in the light feeling, we also can't wait for our hair to grow back. Growing one's hair and ensuring it is healthy, free of split ends and damage is a long task that requires.....»»

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3 Hair butter or mask & home remedies to control frizzy hair by an expert for healthy hair

Lifestyle: Health & FitnessLifestyleTags: frizzy hairAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  3 Hair butter or mask & home remedies to control frizzy hair by an expert for healthy hair Enter the Lifestyle details:  Are you struggling with.....»»

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3 DIY remedies to fight hair fall because healthy and long locks are always in

Fashion Source: PEXELS   Hair falling out in clumps? There could be a variety of underlying causes for hair loss. The obvious one, aside from stress, is a change in the weather. While we enjoy the monsoon because it reminds one to stay tucked i.....»»

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Castor Oil DIY remedies: Unlock the magical secret to healthy, nourished and damage free hair

Fashion Source: PIXABAY Healthy hair needn’t be a dream alone when you know it is attainable with time-tested ingredients and products. Hair that belongs to the dry club needs a hefty soak of nourishment and this doesn’t apply to the hair al.....»»

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2 Easy ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar for all your skincare and haircare woes

Fashion Source: getty images Apple Cider Vinegar is not just a great way to keep your body healthy but it is also one of the best ingredients to elevate your skin and hair health. ACV is filled with acetic acid and AHAs that help in exfoliating.....»»

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3 DIY Fenugreek seed packs for long, healthy and beautiful hair

Fashion Source: PEXELS Is your scalp itching to an extent that it affects your daily sleep cycle? Dandruff is a regular hair woe that can be treated with time. Placing your bet on ‘Fenugreek seeds’ can help reduce the itch and promote hair g.....»»

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