Ali Asgar reveals Kapil Sharma has written Preeti Simoes" name on his hand

Kapil-Sharma-Preeti-Simoes-Ali-Asgar.jpg Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma's bad health has become a talk of the town. His teammates are worried about his health and have been talking about the same.   Recently, when a le.....»»

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Ali Asgar makes a shocking revelation, Kapil Sharma has written ex Preeti Simoes" name on his hand

Kapil Sharma has taken a sabbatical from work once again because of his mental health. His comeback show 'Family Time With Kapil Sharma' premiered on March 25th and was pulled off air within a week because of his absence from the sets owing t.....»»

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Preeti Simoes on Kapil Sharma-Ali Asgar controversy: On one hand, they say he is in depression, on the other hand, they say he is travelling

Not the one to stay mum, Preeti opened up about the whole thing to an entertainment portal Recently, it was being reported that Kapil Sharma‘s ex-colleague, Preeti Simoes, has requested comedian, Ali Asgar, who is also an old friend of Kapi.....»»

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I found Preeti’s name on Kapil Sharma’s hand, Ali Asgar

Ali Asgar, who played the role of Nani in the most popular ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ made a shocking revelation that Kapil Sharma is still in love with Preeti Simoes and he misses her like anything......»»

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Kapil Sharma refutes Ali Asgar"s claim about writing Preeti Simoes" name on his hand

Kapil-Sharma-claims-refute.jpg During an interaction with a leading news channel, comedian-actor Ali Asgar revealed about his meet with Kapil Sharma, who is currently in bad health.   He said, "I heard Kapil is in d.....»»

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EXCLUSIVE - Preeti Simoes on Kapil Sharma-Ali Asgar controversy: Making him look like a liar is sad

Kapil-Sharma-Preeti-Simoes-Ali-Asgar.jpg Kapil Sharma's former colleague Ali Asgar recently spoke about the comedian's mental health and also revealed that Kapil has ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes's name tattooed on his.....»»

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Did Kapil Sharma actually write Preeti Simoes’ name on his hand? His spokesperson reveals the truth

While everyone was left wondering what is happening, finally we get a word from Kapil's spokesperson Lately, ace comedian Kapil Sharma is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The actor, who made a comeback with his comedy game show Family.....»»

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[Video] Did Preeti Simoes and Sugandha Mishra wish happy birthday to Kapil Sharma in a cryptic manner?

A lot of love is coming in Kapil's way Today, Kapil Sharma turns 37 and wishes have come pouring in from fans. His former team mates Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar have wished the star comedian wishing him good health and a happy life. This is obvio.....»»

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Kapil reveals a sad truth

In an exclusive chat with India Today, Kapil Sharma opened up about slipping into depression, the infamous mid-air fight and his relationship with The Kapil Sharma Show producer Preeti Simoes. .....»»

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Kapil reveals a sad truth

In an exclusive chat with India Today, Kapil Sharma opened up about slipping into depression, the infamous mid-air fight and his relationship with The Kapil Sharma Show producer Preeti Simoes. .....»»

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Kapil Sharma’s ex-colleague Ali Asgar and ex GF Preeti Simoes join Krushna Abhishek’s Comedy Company?

Kapil Sharma's ex team has decided to collaborate with arch rival Krushna Abhishek This seems straight out of a political or gangster flick. We are talking about dushman ka dushman apna dost. Many people will think this after reading this news......»»

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The Kapil Sharma Show"s creative director Preeti Simoes to join Kapil Sharma and team for the second season?

kapil-sharma-750.jpg Ever since it has been confirmed that Kapil Sharma, the actor-comedian, will be returning to Television with his popular show The Kapil Sharma Show, his fans have been left excited and how. Kapil.....»»

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Happy Birthday Sunil Grover: Here"s how Kapil Sharma"s ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes wished the star

sunilgrover-birthday.jpg Sunil Grover celebrates his 41st birthday today. The actor-comedian rose to fame with his popular character Gutthi on the show Comedy Nights With Kapil. He also portrayed the much-loved chara.....»»

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Kapil Sharma sends a legal notice to a journalist after filing a complaint against ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes

Kapil Sharma notice.jpg Kapil Sharma’s abusive rant on Twitter came as a shock to his followers. He abused a media outlet on social media for being biased and reporting negative stories against him. His telephonic.....»»

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Kapil Sharma: Preeti Simoes Demanded Rs. 25 Lakhs From Me

In a leaked copy of the statement which is in Marathi, Kapil has revealed about everything and how the Simoes sisters came on-board for Comedy Nights With Kapil. The post Kapil Sharma: Preeti Simoes Demanded Rs. 25 Lakhs From Me appeared first on Koi.....»»

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Kapil Sharma makes serious allegations of fraud against ex-Preeti Simoes in his police complaint against her

kapil1_660_120313054944.jpg Kapil Sharma is currently facing the heat after his abusive rant on Twitter, following which the comedian lodged a complaint against his ex-manager and girlfriend Preeti Simoes, her sister.....»»

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Here"s what Kapil Sharma"s once-good-friend Sunil Grover has to say about his abusive rant against a journalist

Kapil Sharma has filed a case of extortion against the editor of a web portal and his former managers Preeti and Neeti Simoes.....»»

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Preeti Simoes’s sister Neeti’s message to Kapil Sharma:We would like to meet and help you;want you to be happy

Preeti Neeti simoes Kapil Sharma letter.jpg Kapil Sharma is in the spotlight again, after he posted a series of abusive tweets. His social media rant has shocked all his fans; Kapil has also filed a case against ex-m.....»»

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He is getting suicidal thoughts, Kapil Sharma’s ex-Preeti blames Gini

Kapil Sharma’s ex-girlfriend and the creative director of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ Preeti Simoes blames the ace comedian’s girlfriend Gini Chatrath for his deteriorating health......»»

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