2 Multani Mitti face mask recipes to pamper your skin over the weekend

Fashion Source: getty images Multani mitti aka fuller’s earth is one of the best natural ingredients that you can use for your skin. It not only helps in keeping your skin glowing and radiant but also works extremely well in sucking out the ex.....»»

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Enhance your facial glow in a jiffy with these face packs

Fashion Source: Pexels, Amazon You have landed on the correct page if you are looking for ways to get rid of the facial oil. Removing excess oil and stickiness from the face is important to allow your skin to breathe and glow. And face packs are.....»»

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Dry Brushing and its benefits: 5 Reasons to include it in your skincare

Fashion Source: pexels.com, We have seen models and actresses with glowing radiant skin. But how do you think they get it? What is their secret? Well, just proper exfoliation. Only exfoliating your face won't work. If you are eager to unlock bea.....»»

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How to layer your acne prone skin correctly with these 6 Products

Fashion Source: amazon.in, pexels.com   If you have oily and acne prone skin, I am sure you must be afraid to apply any product on your face. However, the trick to acing the skincare game is learning how to layer correctly. Once you layer your.....»»

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7 Products from homegrown skin care brands that every skin care enthusiast must invest in

Fashion Source: amazon.in, pexels.com With the weather getting hotter by the day, it's time to pamper the skin before the elements wreak havoc on it and leave behind dark spots, pigmentation and other skin troubles. Choosing the right regime for.....»»

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5 Sheet masks that should be on your radar to prep your face this festive season

Fashion Source: amazon.in Sheet masks have become a hit ever since the Korean skincare regime became a global trend. They require no effort and can easily do the job without causing any fuss. All you need to do is gently apply the mask to your c.....»»

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5 Face serums with active ingredients to help you deal with all your skin issues

Fashion Source: amazon.in, pexels.com If you are a skin care enthusiast, I am sure you are aware of the importance of a face serum. It is an extremely important step and should not be skipped. However, you must wisely choose a serum based on its.....»»

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Skincare: 3 DIY Tomato face masks to get a naturally glowing skin

Fashion Source: Instagram, Pinkvilla From fruits to vegetables, you must have tried each and every item for your face. Have you ever tried tomatoes on your skin? Yes, you heard it right! Tomatoes are the most beneficial fruit for your skin. With.....»»

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Facial hair removal made easy: Steal facial razors with great prices only at Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021

Fashion Source: Pexels, Amazon The inadequate weather conditions and humidity snatches away your facial glow and hampers your healthy skin. The natural elements trod your face in dirt but facial razors help to retain your glowing skin back. The.....»»

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What is J Beauty? A well versed simple Japanese skincare routine in 5 easy steps

Fashion Source: amazon.in, Getty images J-beauty endorses a minimalistic skincare approach and encourages to not burden your face with layers of products. Some of the fundamentals include prioristing healthy skin over flawless skin. Japanese pr.....»»

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Cocktail recipes: Make refreshing mojito at home

Lifestyle: Food & TravelLifestyleTags: cocktail recipesmojitoAttach Main Lifestyle Image:  Cocktail recipes: Make refreshing mojito at home Enter the Lifestyle details:  There is no better way to ring in the weekend than indulg.....»»

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6 Everyday use skincare products that have over 1000 reviews on Amazon

Fashion Source: amazon.in While we may not find time to pamper our skin every day, weekends call for special skincare attention. These everyday use products are to revitalise your skin and give them sufficient hydration that it requires. Skincar.....»»

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Skincare: 5 natural products that you can use instead of face toners

Fashion Source: Instagram, Pinkvilla For those who are really into skincare and makeup, toners are a necessary product in their routines. Face toner might not seem an important product but it is the secret weapon for your skin. It is a water-bas.....»»

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Aloe Vera to Multani Mitti: 3 Easy yet effective DIY face packs to refresh your dull and dry skin

Fashion Source: getty images Whether you’ve had a difficult week at work or you’re just back from a long day of travelling, your skin is the first thing that will show the sign of tiredness. Right from dark circles to getting stress pimples.....»»

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5 Most purifying and refreshing face masks that you must try at least once

Fashion Source: amazon.in, Getty images   With the increased humidity in the weather, your skin may appear to be stickier, dull and sallow. No matter what your skin type is, stepping out in the humid weather also means that the chances of dirt.....»»

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Worried about body acne and cellulite? Here are 7 body scrubs to exfoliate and soothe your skin

Fashion Source: amazon.com Your body deserves the same care you offer your face. Yes, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising can only keep the skin glowing and smooth throughout your life. Body acne, cysts on the back, cellulite and other skin.....»»

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VIDEO: Birthday girl Nidhhi Agerwal"s DIY secret for glowing skin and clogging pores

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  nidhhi_agerwal_birthday.jpg Nidhhi Agerwal is a fresh face in Tollywood and has already made her mark, and signalled that she is here to stay for a long time. Having made her debu.....»»

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VIDEO: Birthday girl Nidhhi Agerwal reveals DIY secret for glowing skin and clogging pores

Attach Main Entertaiment Image:  nidhhi_agerwal_birthday.jpg Nidhhi Agerwal is a fresh face in Tollywood and has already made her mark, and signalled that she is here to stay for a long time. Having made her debu.....»»

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Add a toner to your skincare regime if you haven’t already: 5 Toners for every skin type

Fashion Source: amazon.in, Getty images If you follow or want to follow a well-versed skincare routine, then you must know that a toner is just the next step after you cleanse your face. You must apply a toner even before you apply a serum and.....»»

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Viral: Aamir Khan Helps Struggling Kiara Take Her Mask Off On Stage

At the venue, Aamir Khan took of his mask when on stage but Kiara appeared to struggle as her face mask got entangled in her earrings.....»»

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Bid adieu to oily skin this monsoon with these 5 Best charcoal face washes

Fashion Source: amazon.in, Getty images The monsoon season can be extremely dreadful on people who suffer from oily and acne-prone skin. Hence, activated charcoal is a great ingredient to rely on in order to shield your skin from pollution, dus.....»»

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