Celebrity Column: Chori mera kaam writes Sajid Khan

Any act of dishonesty which profits you and causes loss to someone is a chori.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: dnaindiaNov 14th, 2017

Celebrity Column: Fair Fare? Writes Sajid Khan

There are a couple of airlines that do not include your meal in your ticket price. They, in fact, sell you food on board......»»

Category: bollywoodSource: dnaindiaDec 13th, 2017

Celebrity Column: Long live real Hindi cinema! writes Sajid Khan

A few days ago, during one of my motivational talks, I was speaking to a very young bunch of college students, who were interested in filmmaking.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: dnaindiaDec 5th, 2017

Celebrity Column: Everyone"s a critic! Writes Sajid Khan

There are a few critics, reviewers, and trade pundits, who just like the majority of the audiences, love and understand films and are unbiased towards good cinema - commercial or not.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: dnaindiaNov 28th, 2017

Celebrity Column: So obvious, yaar! writes Sajid Khan

Everything is so obvious; not just relationships, people and intentions but also what's happening in the nation.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: dnaindiaNov 21st, 2017

Celebrity column: The kiss is amiss, writes Sajid Khan

Even when lives were saved during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, it was nicknamed the kiss of life......»»

Category: bollywoodSource: dnaindiaNov 7th, 2017

Celebrity Column | Music by?, writes Sajid Khan

The time was such that filmmakers before finalising a script and cast used to finalise these music directors......»»

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Celebrity Column: I wonder... writes Sajid Khan

I wonder how long a selfie with the stars will continue being the new autograph.....»»

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Celebrity column: Diwali ka diwala! writes Sajid Khan

The smell of firecrackers, the morning after Diwali, may be a nuisance to some, but for many, including me, it is the essence of a loved festival gone by.....»»

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Celebrity Column | Happy Birthday Amitabh Bachchan: To Sir, with love! writes Sajid Khan

The actor gets completely overshadowed by the stardom.....»»

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Celebrity column: Enjoy, don"t judge! writes Sajid Khan

The magic of cinema is real entertainment, which is beyond judgment while being viewed......»»

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Celebrity Column: Wigmakers ke dushman, writes Sajid Khan

To be a star, of course, one needs hit films, but more importantly, fans should be able to mimic his mannerisms, dancing style, dialogue delivery, and, of course, his hairstyle.....»»

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Celebrity Column: The real reason writes Sajid Khan

So the real reason for destruction, failure, betrayal, misery, boredom, dishonesty and just about everything bad on the planet is MEN! Dear women, do you agree?.....»»

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Celebrity Column: Yeh nepotism, nepotism kya hai? writes Sajid Khan

People who use nepotism as an excuse, clearly are missing the larger picture.....»»

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Celebrity Column: I"VE JUST ABOUT HAD IT! writes Sajid Khan

And if you believe in those words then gradually the change will happen.....»»

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Celebrity Column: R.I.P 3D writes Sajid Khan

Gimmicks can be part of cinema...but cinema isn't a gimmick. Hence, R.I.P. 3D......»»

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Celebrity Column: What women want, writes Sajid Khan

So many questions, not one answer... the universal truth is women though more complex in nature than men, are way, way, way better than men......»»

Category: bollywoodSource: dnaindiaAug 22nd, 2017

Celebrity Column: Don"t follow trends...make them, writes Sajid Khan

The 10 per cent that succeed are the ones, who make trends, not follow them......»»

Category: bollywoodSource: dnaindiaAug 15th, 2017

Celebrity Column: Bought by bot, writes Sajid Khan

My 200,000 genuine followers to me are equivalent to two million! But I'm scared that after this article, the bot might send many fake followers to my account in vengeance!.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: dnaindiaAug 8th, 2017

DNA Celebrity Column: Horn not OK please, writes Sajid Khan

The basic function of a horn is to move away a stray animal or perhaps a running child......»»

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Celebrity column: Where is 70mm? Writes Sajid Khan

Since 70mm isn't around today, IMAX is the new 70mm (at 65mm as that is the maximum there), my humble request to the IMAX cinema owners... GET REAL BIG SCREENS!!!.....»»

Category: bollywoodSource: dnaindiaJul 25th, 2017